About me

Hi, I’m Kevin and you have been good enough to venture onto my site, my small patch of beach, where I am but one grain of sand among billions of others on our tiny planet. Thank you for that.

A little about me.
I am a wanderer. My boys and lovely partner of more than three decades, have been dragged from one adventure to another. Much in the same way I was as a youth. I was born in Barotseland formerly part of Northern Rhodesia and now a reluctant part of Zambia. Through many countries in North America , the Orient and Europe I have now (temporarily) come to rest in Spain.
When wandering, a vast array of abilities becomes stowed in one’s baggage, mine is no different. From performing Shakespeare and Tennessee Williams, to teaching and heavy equipment operation , even to veterinary practices, high-end restaurants and period home renovation, all add spice to the dish that is me. 

(One thinks too many chefs ruin the dish?)

Perhaps – it is what it is.
I dwell in possibility.
That is why I love to engage stories and explore what might ‘be’.
I hope you enjoy the journey, we are all in search of

'the great perhaps.'


Lifestyle @ 60
Check out my fun blog of daily life, adventures and challenges for baby boomers who are fighting the turn to the sixties and beyond

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