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How can I stand when your love swells my heart?

How can I think when desire tears me apart?

I feel awash in the ocean, my heart chained to a rock,

To know of your love stuns my heart into delighted shock.


I fear I shall not be the man you search for in your dreams

And yet my love bursts my heart, shattering its seams.

I fear my state is too lowly to warrant love of such force

And yet my hopes fly unfettered, blind of any course.


Tell me how to love you, how to make your world glow

For in my wildest dreams I want our souls to float and grow.

Tell me how to worship you so I may see your desires soar,

For all my love into honored intentions, my soul shall pour.


There is no greater gift than to be the man standing at your side.

I shall honor you forever with my undying pride.

It enters through my night dream softly, drifting and unsure.

It snuggles warm in my memory happy and secure.

I know the source, it stands beside me, brave and persistent.

It embraces my heartstrings forever, bound and resilient.

Yet each morning the fluttered smile echoes a truth so pure

That I remain spellbound by the wonder of your allure.

There is no stopping it; my soul will not relent,

For your heart’s beauty is unwavering and intent.

For years I have been love-struck and of this must endure.

I do so with pride, for my passion wants no cure.

So, as I fade and the ravages of age start to show,

Know that the bloom of my love for you shall ever, ever grow.


My love is a leaf spiraling from a treetop plunging to the depths below.

I know not where my journey winds nor which path I must follow.

Yet I fall without fear, concern or undue regard,

I know that this rushing plummet of love is my reward.


I spin unknowing, relishing each moment’s twist and turn.

Every direction is a glimpse of your beauty to which I yearn.

For to be in your gaze, that lush, consuming hold,

Leaves my soul brazen, my love grows bold.


I trundle downward and pass each branch and tethered leaf.

I feel no sadness in my demise, no bottomless grief.

For I have held your beauty in my eye’s embrace,

And to me in this world there is no higher grace.


Your laughter drifts on sunshine, like clouds float in the sky,

You smile bursts through the morning, as birds begin to fly.

Each day the sight of you grows the love within my breast.

Each moment away from you is my heart’s greatest test.


To see you wander the garden, your essence brightens the day.

To see your sparkling eye, chases the night shadows far away.

To hear your voice lifts my soul to a place of nurtured delight.

To hear your breathless whisper would turn day into longing night.


I know your spirit is playful never pausing to rest.

I know your eyes are magic, quick to smile and jest

So to me you are a puzzle, the spark for my heart’s fire.

To me you are the one love, my heart’s only desire.



The day feels grey, it sleeps in grim repose,.

I know not where to turn, my love now feels a wilted rose.

Without you in my day the sun is gloomy and dark

Without you in my world there is no life, no spark.


Where shall I go, what shall I do, when all alone?

How should I breathe, why think, when desire does but groan.

I feel castaway, my love abandoned on the shore,

My heart is desolate, empty my dreams glow no more.


Though spurned I feel but one hope, one shred of fate,

To live in idol suspension, my heart for you must wait.

Should you return and find me no longer for your intent,

I will end all hope and my love song shall only then relent.


Forever. One lost to you


My heart soars in excitement at this unexpected view,

The truth of heaven’s wishes is the vision of you.

How often I have prayed to see you, forever in my dreams.

Now you are here and are even a greater beauty, so it seems.

How can perfection improve and soar so high?

It is for a heart but to wonder and never question why.

Time has been a godsend and enhanced your every grace,

Nature rests spellbound at the beauty upon your face.

My words are but a dog’s ear, pathetic and coarse,

But know that my honor for you shall have no recourse.

You are but an angel to light upon my world,

But as a once lost love, my heart’s wishes are again unfurled.

Welcome home angel.